Survey & Positioning

Hydrographic Surveys
Atlas undertakes hydrographic surveys utilizing our vast offshore experience to ensure the quality of hydrographic survey data acquisition, processing and presentation. In accordance with International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standards, we carry out multi-beam and single-beam bathymetric surveys to provide high quality data in support of our clients.

Our hydrographic survey services include:
• Single-Beam and Multi-Beam Bathymetry Surveys;
• Pre- and Post-Dredge Surveys;
• Harbor Surveys;
• Side Scan and Magnetometer Surveys;
• Tide Data, Sound Velocity and Conductivity and Temperature Data; and
• Beach Profiling and Coastal Topographic Surveys

Geophysical Surveys
From coastline to full ocean depth, we undertake geophysical surveys to investigate and provide assessment of sites and routes for hydrocarbon exploration and production. Atlas, together with our partners, has the capability to undertake digital and analogue surveys to meet the geophysical requirements of our clients.

Our geophysical survey capabilities are as follows:
• Site and Debris Clearance Surveys;
• Post Drilling Surveys;
• 2D Seismic Drilling Hazards Surveys;
• Cable Route Pre-Lay Surveys;
• Nearshore Approach and Landfall Surveys; and
• Pipeline Route Pre- and Post-Lay Surveys

Offshore Positioning
For rig moves, ROV positioning, jacket installation, barge and anchor handling operations, we have vast experience in offshore positioning, having been involved in several oil/gas exploration, production and related construction projects offshore. Our advanced surface and subsurface positioning and tracking systems and experienced personnel are capable of providing the needed support for a wide range of projects including the following:

• Barge and Anchor Handling Tug Positioning and Telemetry Applications;
• Jacket and Template Installation Survey Support;
• Jack-Up and Semi-Submersible Rig Moves;
• Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Positioning Support;
• Offshore Geotechnical Borehole and Seabed Sampling Vessel Positioning;
• Vessel Offset Surveys, Gyro Calibration and DGPS Integrity Checks; and
• Coastal Construction Positioning