Atlas Geo-Solutions Limited offers an integrated range of surveying, geotechnical and hydrogeological services in support of the energy and civil engineering/construction industries in Nigeria and parts of West Africa. Combining skill, tools and technology for nearly two decades, our teams deliver solutions and provide sound advice to our customers on land and at sea in different environments and often challenging conditions.

Our services are tailored to support the civil engineering and construction industry in the conceptualization and development of infrastructure for various sectors and range from engineering surveys and soil investigations to LiDAR (3D) surveys – terrestrial and airborne.

For the industry, mainly oil and gas exploration and production, we provide high-accuracy surface and subsurface positioning and geophysical surveys utilizing fit-for-purpose vessels, high-end equipment and specialized staff.

In the fifteen years, Atlas has steadily become the preferred supplier of surveying and geotechnical services in Nigeria. This we have achieved in tune with our strategy, which is formulated in line with a set of clearly defined values. These set the framework of our overall strategy, and provide shared professional principles for our people.

The Company
Atlas Geo-Solutions Limited was established in Nigeria in 2002 by a team of experienced professionals drawn from specializations in the geosciences, surveying, civil and structural engineering. Operating from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Atlas market covers Nigeria and parts of West Africa with project offices in several locations in the region.

Our business is the collection and interpretation of data of the earth both on the surface and below surface and the provision of sound and reliable advice to our customers in the oil/gas, power, mining, civil engineering and construction industry. We operate on land, near-shore and at full ocean depth using specialist staff, latest technology and an effective Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance Management System.

Atlas conducts its business as a partner with our customers, building trust and integrity at every stage of our growth that is recognized and respected.

Our Strategy
We rely on the expertise and experience of our staff, teamwork, leading technology and an effective Safety, Environment and Quality Management (SEQA) Management System to deliver every project in whatever conditions offshore and onshore.

We have made and continue to make substantial investment in our personnel, technology and methods to ensure that the right products and services are delivered to our clients every time and anywhere in West Africa.

Onshore Services
We provide a range of surveying and geotechnical services mainly to the onshore energy and civil engineering/construction industry. From site and route selection to Front End Engineering Design, detailed engineering, construction, operation and maintenance, Atlas teams of survey and geotechnical specialists utilizing leading technology and standard methods, in line with global best practices, are deployed to collect data, perform data interpretation and analysis and provide our clients with advice on the optimum location, surface and subsurface conditions, of their project. In Nigeria, We have been actively involved in the conceptualization and development of oil and gas facilities, pipelines, industrial plants, refining and LNG plants, power plants, leisure and recreational parks, roads and bridges, tunnels, land reclamation and real estate.
Our onshore services include:
• Geotechnical Services;
• Topographical and Engineering Surveys;
• Engineering Geophysical Surveys;
• Hydrogeology; and• Geo-spatial Data Management

Geotechnical Services
We perform soil investigations in onshore and near-shore areas to derive engineering properties of soil and groundwater. Soil geotechnical data is obtained with the use of industry–wide accepted methods and tools, which includes cone penetration testing (CPT), conventional borehole drilling and soil testing. Detailed information on soil and groundwater mechanical and physico-chemical properties are collected during soil investigations and utilized in making recommendations for planning, engineering design and infrastructure construction.

Laboratory testing forms part of our onshore geotechnical services, and this is carried out at the geotechnical and environmental laboratory in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Also, affiliate laboratories in Abuja and Lagos are utilized for projects outside the immediate reach of the Port Harcourt facility to meet clients’ project requirements.

We provide consultancyand design services in the areas of desktop studies, structure foundations, earthworks, civil materials selection, hydrology, construction supervision and material testing.

Topographical and Engineering Surveys
We carry out topographical surveys in support of civil engineering and construction projects. Surveys are also carried out to collect cadastral and associated data in relation to the development and exploitation of oil and gas resources and solid minerals. This service range from establishment of geodetic control points, collection and presentation of topographic data to the detection of underground utilities up to 3.5m of burial depth.

GPS-RTK/GNSS plays a major role in our topographical survey undertakings in conjunction with conventional survey instruments such as total stations and levels.

Using modern survey equipment and efficient engineering survey methods, Atlas collects high quality 3D as-built data of new and/or existing civil, mechanical and structural facilities with a view to avoid uncertainty related to interface integration and measurement anomalies.

In conjunction with our affiliates, we provide 3D laser scanning and modeling services in support of revamp/upgrade/retrofit projects to produce photorealistic as-built information to significantly reduce re-work, time and cost. Utilizing an efficient CAD integrated survey system that allows vast digital data collection in a very short time, which mitigates risks and reduces potential project costs owing to dimensional errors.

As part of our onshore services, we provide a range of expertise to meet the needs of the engineering industry in hydrography. From sand deposit localization, bathymetric surveys, dredging and civil construction control surveys, earthworks, volume measurements, sediment transport measurements, underwater inspection to system design, we have considerable experience in support of the coastal and near-shore engineering industry.

In addition, Atlas offers geo-spatial data services to help assist clients efficiently develop and manage their geo-spatial data and geographical information systems (GIS). This service follows from many years of experience in photogrammetric mapping, data conversion, GIS and information technology, which in addition to Atlas expertise adds value to our geographic data services.

Engineering Geophysical Surveys
We carry out seismic down hole and cross hole tests to provide information related to the seismic wave velocities of the materials tested, and the data is then used as input into static/dynamic analyses, as a means for computing shear modulus,Young’s modulus, and Poisson’s ratio, or simply for the determination of anomalies that might exist between exploratory boreholes.
In addition, data of in-situ soil thermal conductivity and resistivity are collected, analyzed and interpreted using thermal conductivity and resistivity systems by our experienced geophysicists.

Atlas provides hydro-geological surveying and consultancy services for water resources exploration, exploitation and management. This ranges from aquifer surveys, water well drilling and development to commissioning and monitoring.

Offshore Services
For the offshore industry, Atlas provides a range of services. This includes surface positioning, subsea tracking and survey support for oil and gas exploration and production projects, marine infrastructure design and installation, geophysical site and route surveys, oceanography and metrology and geotechnical investigations.

Our clients comprise international oil and gas companies (IOCs), indigenous oil and gas companies, offshore engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction (EPC) contractors and drilling contractors among others.

Positioning Services
In support of the offshore industry, we provide centimeter-level positioning on water surface using a globally corrected satellite-based system and below the surface utilizing specialized underwater tracking systems. Our positioning services are utilized for several offshore applications such as drilling rig positioning, barge and tug positioning, vessels tracking and marine installation monitoring.

Construction Support
We provide effective survey support for the offshore construction industry. This includes surface and subsea monitoring for ROV and diving teams. Working with our partners, we are capable of providing ROV services to depths exceeding 1500m.

Geophysical Surveys
Weundertake geophysical surveys up to 1,200m to provide comprehensive assessment of the seabed and sub-seabed and derive reliable data to enable our clients make informed decisions for the design and construction of marine installations and facilities.

Site and route geophysical surveys are undertaken by our specialist teams for new and existing oil field developments in conjunction with geotechnical investigations to provide reliable data of the seabed and sub-seabed, and possible geo-hazards. Utilizing state-of-the-art sensors, we provide integrated bathymetric (SBES and MBES), side scan sonar, magnetometer and sub bottom profiler surveys.

Geotechnical Investigations
Our offshore geotechnical investigations are performed to provide salient soil mechanics data for use by our clients in decision-making and design and construction of marine structures and facilities such as platforms, pipelines, umblicals and others.

We undertake geotechnical investigations in water depths of up to 600m utilizing fit-for-purpose vessels owned and operated by our partners, and in near-shore/in-shore waters.

We deliver high quality and cost-effective foundation and geotechnical analysis for various marine installations at various stages of the project cycle.